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My friends have come to know me as a documentarian. This is exactly the sort of thing I am likely to write about. And I did. For the first week, when I still had a semblance of downtime in the morning, before breakfast became a rushed croissant and gulped juice; and before my days were long hours of standing, talking, and walking; before all that, I wrote a daily journal.

A journal of my personal experiences, of my thoughts on the World outside the only one I had…

A note about letters

“I’m sorry that all I have to send you is this letter. And I am sorry for all that a letter cannot be. Even the best letter is only just a piece of someone” — The World to Come

I really like letters. This is particularly interesting to me because in secondary school, I hated letter writing. I hated that I was never sure where the address went. I hated that I never got the sign off right. I hated that I couldn’t even figure out what kind of tone to use but now- now I love letters. The number…

Some of my favourite books are of people who experience the same manifestation of depression/anxiety as I do.

Take the book I finished reading today for instance: Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened.

There was a section in the book where she talked about the onset of her depression. She talked about how at some point, she developed an inexplicable sadness. Every day and everywhere she went, she was sad and she did not know why. And she would cry for no reason. And it was a very confusing way to…

We’d been together for three years. Three years and a couple of months. On our way to four. Three years and neither of us had said it. There were, of course, times in the first year when I almost said it. The words picked at my lips, bubbling to come out. Demanding to be said. It was only some measure of discipline I did not realise I had that kept me from saying it.

‘Too early” I thought. ‘Too early to say it now, don’t want to chase her away.’’ ‘Too early to say it now, you are not Ted.’’

Disclaimer: I talk frankly about thoughts of dying

For the longest time, I had a hunch that I would die at 27. I don’t remember exactly when I first thought it. At some point in teenagehood, I stopped assuming I’d live to old age and started considering I might die young. Somewhere along the line, that number just sort of got attached to it. I vaguely have the memory that It was revealed to me in a dream. I also vaguely have a memory that in a dream, I got married at 27. So for a small period of my life, I would jokingly say:

I have a…

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

I want to get married and have children. Probably not soon, probably not in the next five years. But at some point in time, I hope for these things. I always have. I was raised to want these things but even as an adult, and even as I believe and process the world in a more complicated way, I still want these things. I am more open to not getting them but I still want them.

In all my recent conversations about children, I have been an advocate for not having them. My leading argument is ‘environmental reasons.’

Children are…

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

If my own story felt phony, the second-best way to be authentic was to be close to people whose stories felt real. Wendy had such a story.

The Great Gatsby is one of the more undeniable classic works of fiction. On this list of the best books of all time, it comes in fifth. The initial release of The Great Gatsby saw very underwhelming numbers with only 20,000 copies sold. The book did not even do as well as F Scott Fitsgerald’s earlier two books (whose names I bet you don’t know.) By the time Scott died of a third…

Photo by Burak K from Pexels

Towards the end of 2019, I was talking to Benahili about life. It’s a recurring topic of conversation. Specifically, I told her about how I felt some growth without actually feeling like I had grown, which was sort of a paradoxical way to feel. I didn’t feel very different in…

An essay about a movie

The most important thing criticism can do is find and elevate good art”

‘Two Distant Strangers’ is 30 minutes long, is Oscar-nominated and is now streaming on Netflix. It’s another time-loop story. In this one, a Black man steps out of a building, does nothing illegal and proceeds to get killed by a racist white cop.

And then again

And again.

And again.

Mimicking real life in this most depressing way possible.

I wasn’t going to watch any movie this night. I had seen the trailer for this a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t really thought that I’d bring…

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I considered quitting my podcast this year.

Inside a bubble is the podcast project I started in 2019. It’s a narrative podcast about people, promoting empathy through character centred stories around relatable topics. I have so far produced almost 20 episodes and it’s the first project I have worked on consistently for this long.

After the last season of the podcast, I took about 6 weeks off. I didn’t stop thinking about podcast production. In fact, during my break from the podcast, I produced 3 other podcast episodes and…

Mo Isu

Writing what I can| Being Vulnerable and confused| Making podcasts (inside a bubble)

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