I have to stop writing to you like this… in tears

Battling Fear

I think years can be described as the great battles that take place within them. The internal ones with self that lead to personal growth; and the other ones with the World and fate that we have no choice in fighting.

Last year, my great battle was against the fear…

Driving past a dead body on the side of the road was a decidedly pedestrian experience growing up in Lagos. I remember one occasion when I was either 8 or 9; I had broken my left arm for what would be the first of two times in my life. I…

Music: Recommended but not necessary

I wasn't going to write this.

My friends have come to know me as a documentarian. This is exactly the sort of thing I am likely to write about. And I did. For the first week, when I still had a semblance of downtime…

A note about letters

“I’m sorry that all I have to send you is this letter. And I am sorry for all that a letter cannot be. Even the best letter is only just a piece of someone” — The World to Come

I really like letters. This is particularly interesting to me because…

Some of my favourite books are of people who experience the same manifestation of depression/anxiety as I do.

Take the book I finished reading today for instance: Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened.

There was a section in the book where…

Disclaimer: I talk frankly about thoughts of dying

For the longest time, I had a hunch that I would die at 27. I don’t remember exactly when I first thought it. At some point in teenagehood, I stopped assuming I’d live to old age and started considering I might die young. Somewhere along the line, that number just…

Mo Isu

Writing what I can| Being Vulnerable and confused| Making podcasts (inside a bubble)

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