December in Lagos

Sitting down in heavier-than-usual traffic, watching the price climb on a costlier than usual uber ride, I couldn’t help but remember that last year, I promised myself that I would not spend this December in Lagos.

And I failed.

I haven’t liked December in Lagos for a while and this complicates my inexplicable love for Christmas time.

I am a sucker for Christmas. I think a lot of the love comes from the fact that I genuinely enjoyed Christmas as a child.

I went to a catholic primary school that let me actively participate in Christmas. We decorated our classes with decorations we bought and some that we made. Each class essentially would compete to see who had the nicest decorations.

My siblings and I were also actively part of the Christmas carol. I was in the choir singing hymns and my sisters were in the nativity play.

Then there was the Christmas party when we wore out best outfits. I would feel so good walking to school in a killer shirt.

Christmas music, oh how I loved Christmas music. I learnt them all by heart. I could sing both verses of silent night, all three verses of little drummer boys and my ultimate favourite o come o come Emmanuel.

All this to say, as an adult, Christmas time for me comes with a warm feeling. I anticipate it. I am excited by the decorations. I play Christmas songs over and over again. I watch all the classic Christmas movies (well some of them.)

Christmas is truly, at least for me, the most wonderful time of the year.

Then there is December in Lagos. The most stressful time there is.

Yesterday, It cost me almost 8 thousand naira to make a trip that would usually cost about 2 thousand naira.

Lagos in December is kind of disgusting, this is without the usual harmattan dust.

December in Lagos is crowded and expensive for no justifiable reason. And because I don’t really go to parties or concerts, I don’t even enjoy or participate in any part of what people like about Lagos in December.

For me, it’s just an awful time. I just don’t want to continue to spend my Christmas in a city that doesn't let me enjoy it.

So I really wished that somehow, I would get the chance to travel this Christmas. As always, however, I overestimated how well I would do this year. Travelling was not going to be. Not this time

Maybe next.



Writing what I can| Being Vulnerable and confused| Making podcasts

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Mo Isu

Writing what I can| Being Vulnerable and confused| Making podcasts