I am exhausted

Mo Isu
2 min readAug 29, 2022

I am tired.

I am tired of this.

I am tired of not being enough for myself
of the consistent insufficiency

I am tired of inflation increasing the cost of living
before I can afford to be alive

I am tired of saying goodbyes to friends
and reminiscing about what we used to be
of the good old times

I am tired of apologizing
for being late
for being wrong
for messing up
for forgetting your birthday
for not replying
for not being there the way you needed me to be

I am tired of the journey
of the search for love
of discovering myself
of learning new skills
and languages

I am tired of walking
of taking the bus
of waiting for my salary that doesn’t last long enough

I am tired of being scared
of getting home late
of being robbed
of the police
of accidents
of losing loved ones

I am tired of wanting
to be better
to be richer
to have a better house
to be happier

I am tired of telling you how I am

I am tired of missing people

I am tired of longing

Hell, I am tired of trying
of persevering
of having ambition
of being resilient
of being strong
of staying up late
and waking up early (and going back to bed)

But more than anything else, I am tired of being tired.



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